The Price of Scrap Metal is Very Low

I was really shocked when I found out how low scrap metal prices have gotten this morning. Of course this is not usually something which I worry about, but we do crush up aluminum cans and save them. I put them in big black trash bags and put the bags under my storage building. I would guess that a bag of crushed aluminum cans is going to weigh something like fifteen or twenty pounds. At once point each pound of aluminum was going to be worth around a dollar, but the value of scrap metal is really dependent on the manufacturing activity around the globe, how much there is of it to be specific. In particular the volume of cars being build is going to really impact on the value of aluminum. Cars used to be made out of steel, and they still are, but it is a very different kind of steel. The stuff that they use is really high tech, much stronger and much lighter, and it contains a lot of aluminum.

Aluminum is vital for reducing the weight of a vehicle and you can not really make a car that is going to be efficient without making it a lot lighter than an old Chrysler Imperial. I remember this girl I knew in school had one of those and it was so big that you could have put a double mattress in the trunk. It also got about 12 miles to the gallon as I recall. You can not build a car these days that does not go twice as far on a gallon of gas. To do that you make the car smaller and you make it out of lighter materials. Apparently they must not be making a lot of cars at this point in time though.

Dental software: how much do you really know?


Long gone are the days when you go to the dentist, lie back in the chair, and desperately hope that the dentist in the frightening mask isn’t going to move to their left and pick up the biggest drill that you have ever seen! Dental software has definitely moved on from the sort of primitive tools that were used twenty years ago, so much so that you almost would not recognise some of the clever technology that they are able to use absolutely every day in order to help diagnose and treat their patients. So many people who are frightened of the dentist would probably find their fears easier to deal with once they saw how non-invasive so many of the tools are nowadays – but for many people, they just do not have any idea at all what is going on in the world of dental software. How much do you really know? We spoke to Dr Paige Woods, who owns her own dental practice, who gave us some sneak peeks into this brave new world:

Teeth whitening

It may not seem like it, but one of the most revolutionary areas of dental software is actually in teeth whitening. In the old days, if you wanted pearly white teeth then you would have to go through a pretty intense ordeal to get them, including bleach and a whole lot of guess work on the part of the dentist themselves. As Dr Paige Woods explained, however, that sort of treatment plan is long gone. She is now able to calculate exactly the amount of whitening solution – which is a lot tamer than just plain bleach – that a patient will require in order to achieve the specific type of whiteness that they want, and then give the patient a careful treatment plan that will enable them to get it. This isn’t just randomised guesswork any more.

Tooth decay analysis

Have you ever seen the CompuDent and Single Tooth Anesthesia System? You may have seen it without even realising what you were looking at, and as most dentists like Dr Paige Woods call it the Dental Wand (more about this painless treatment), you may have even had it used on you without you even realising! The Dental Wand is a super non invasive way for a dentist like Dr Paige Woods to examine the inside of your teeth just by moving this clear technology over them. No x-rays, no harmful radiation, no waiting weeks for your results to get back in: this is able to analyse the composition of your teeth in seconds, and given an immediate reading to your dentist to help them decide what kind of treatment plan, if any, you require.

Sleep apnea treatment

This condition affects more people than you may realise, and apart from making a few lifestyle changes, there really is not much that a doctor can prescribe to help with this sleep condition that could end up being incredibly dangerous. Dentists such as Dr Paige Woods however do have an alternative, which include a variety of different sleep apnea appliances that enable the patient to breath much better all the way through the night. Completely non-invasive and not requiring anything like surgery at all, these oral appliances are custom made and uniquely created for each patient so that they fit perfectly, and this dental technology has revolutionised the lifespan of people suffering from this condition.

These are just three examples of the way that dental technology and software is changing, often just underneath our noses, without us really thinking too deeply about what is changing. A big thanks to Dr Paige Woods for talking us through these exciting developments.…

Serial Key Generator (Keygen Generator) Review – Protect You Application


Keygen Generator or Serial Key generator is actually application made for software developers who wish to protect their own applications through Serial Key enrollment. Just inside a few clicks you’ll be able to generate Serial Keys for the C# .NET, Visual Basic .NET, Delphi, C++ Builder and Java applications. INNO as well as NSIS scripts will also be supported. It’s not hard to use, fast with the cheapest price available on the market! All this particular makes Serial Key generator the actual No. 1 writing tool for a large number of developers all over the world. Try this!

What is new & enhanced in v7. 0?

Assistance for INNO as well as NSIS set up procedures!
Supply code generator as well as example tasks for INNO as well as NSIS.
Up-to-date help as well as documentation, brand new demonstration movies.
Improved software performanse.
Be aware: Registered customers can sign-up v7. 0 (32 & 64 bit) while using same Serial Key when it comes to previous edition.


Generate serial keys using custom number of columns and characters per column.
Serial keys can contain uppercase and/or lowercase charactes and/or numbers.
Generate up to 2 million serial keys in one turn (1 million with 32 bit version of SKG).
Export serial keys to CSV, TXT documents.
Import serial keys from CSV, TXT documents.
Export serial keys to MySQL and MS SQL databases (SQL Query generator).
Export serial keys to encrypted registration files (SHA-512).
Update encrypted registration files (add new serial keys, delete or validate existing serial keys).
Source code generator for encrypted registration files supporting C#.NET, Visual Basic .NET, C++ Builder, Delphi and Java applications. INNO and NSIS scripts are also supported.
Source code generator for MS SQL online validation supporting C#, Visual Basic .NET, Delphi, C++ Builder and Java. INNO and NSIS scripts are also supported.
TRegistrationFile and TMSSQLRegistration components for Delphi & C++ Builder.
Validate, add and delete serial keys from MS SQL server. Documentation and example projects for VB .NET, C# .NET, C++ Builder, Delphi and Java.
Lifetime free upgrades!
Please note: Our Serial Key Generator is a developer tool that helps developers to generate and integrate serial keys into their own software. It is not intended to generate illegal serial keys for other software like MS Windows, MS Office etc……

Tips to Protect Your Digital Product From Piracy

Selling an electronic product is really a business design that eliminates many from the normal expenses and barriers which you may encounter. When promoting a bodily product obviously there tend to be high manufacturing and shipping costs to think about which means you have to be able to place up lots of money up front being an investment to be able to start creating a profit and meaning you must have space in order to store considerable amounts of stock along with a good program for shipping – which involves enormous planning as well as organization.

Having a digital product nevertheless, you have none of those problems. You possess zero more than heads for every product a person create and you will distribute this instantly in order to thousands as well as huge numbers of people simply by giving them having a link. This allows the single entrepreneur or the little start-up business to genuinely go foot to foot with bigger corporations regardless of the large deficits when it comes to resources as well as reach.

But simultaneously digital items do include their personal problems as well as obstacles which are unique to that particular way to do business and one of the greatest issues here’s piracy. Whenever your product could be so very easily replicated as well as reproduced, how can you prevent somebody from providing it away free of charge or promoting it themselves in a lower cost? Here we will appear at several options that will help you combat that type of piracy.


DRM means ‘Digital Privileges Management’ and it is a particular method of encrypting documents that helps prevent them through being replicated. For instance should you buy the song through iTunes then it will likely be DRM protected and therefore you won’t have the ability to listen into it on greater than a couple associated with machines — though you will find ways for this for individuals with the know-how also it does drive many people to download exactly the same tracks illegally free of charge when they are able to get much more functionality this way too.


One way of preventing piracy isn’t to supply downloads whatsoever – whether you’ve got a piece associated with software, a guide or songs one solution would be to let individuals stream which product out of your site meaning there is actually never the file to talk about as this kind of.

Activation Signal

An service code is really a code that every software program looks with regard to once it’s been installed in order to validate this. Each crucial code may only supply once which in turn means which simply duplicating the document isn’t enough since you won’t possess the activation crucial. Clever hackers could possibly get around this particular by making ‘keygens’ that generate suitable codes, however the best means to fix this problem is merely to end up being smarter. Anyway this is really a system that makes it at least harder for individuals to copy your own software or even other items.


Using a business design that depends on lots associated with updates, you’ll be able to provide an additional incentive for individuals to purchase your original item. This method, even when they do have the ability to get a good illegal duplicate, it will begin to walk out date as well as won’t provide the same customer care.


Another option would be to allow your own products to become copied, but to make use of the chance to get free of charge promotion. If you’re selling a good ebook for example, then including plenty of links for your sites along with other services implies that even if your reader hasn’t taken care of your guide, you may still acquire some gain using their reading this or providing it aside.