The Price of Scrap Metal is Very Low

I was really shocked when I found out how low scrap metal prices have gotten this morning. Of course this is not usually something which I worry about, but we do crush up aluminum cans and save them. I put them in big black trash bags and put the bags under my storage building. I would guess that a bag of crushed aluminum cans is going to weigh something like fifteen or twenty pounds. At once point each pound of aluminum was going to be worth around a dollar, but the value of scrap metal is really dependent on the manufacturing activity around the globe, how much there is of it to be specific. In particular the volume of cars being build is going to really impact on the value of aluminum. Cars used to be made out of steel, and they still are, but it is a very different kind of steel. The stuff that they use is really high tech, much stronger and much lighter, and it contains a lot of aluminum.

Aluminum is vital for reducing the weight of a vehicle and you can not really make a car that is going to be efficient without making it a lot lighter than an old Chrysler Imperial. I remember this girl I knew in school had one of those and it was so big that you could have put a double mattress in the trunk. It also got about 12 miles to the gallon as I recall. You can not build a car these days that does not go twice as far on a gallon of gas. To do that you make the car smaller and you make it out of lighter materials. Apparently they must not be making a lot of cars at this point in time though.

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